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TA 130-1601130-01-2

TA 130-1601130-01

Цена: 4 492,00 RUB

Reinforced TAIGA disc for ZIL-130, ZIL-131, ZIL-"Bull" vehicles.

Outer diameter 13.46456 in
Spline dimensions 1.22047*1.49606*0.23188 in
Hub height 1.73228 in
Weight 9.25941 lb
Units of product in a box 1

Clutch driven disc upgraded, reinforced. The springs' closed design prevents them from falling out in case of a break, destroying the clutch drive disc. The safety margin is increased by 1.5 times due to the use of a hub of 1.73228 inches long with increased strength and passed additional heat treatment. Installing discs in a clutch of ZIL-130 or ZIL-"Bull" vehicles does not require any additional modifications or adjustments. The use of reinforced damper springs provides a large safety margin during overloads. The upgraded disc ensures trouble-free operation and prevents expensive parts and the clutch from failing.