TA 362-1601190-0
TA 362-1601190-1
TA 362-1601190-2
TA 362-1601190-2

TA 362-1601190

Цена: 7 978,00 RUB

Pressure disc (cover) for IVECO, DAF

Analog number 3482000419
diameter 14.25196 in
Weight 48.50169 lb
Parameter MFZ 362
Type of cover Petal
Applicability для IVECO, DAF

Pressure disc (cover) is designed for installing in IVECO EuroCargo trucks (75E14, 75E16, 100E18, 100E22, 110E18, 120E18, 120E22, 140E18, 140E22, 150E18, 150E22, 160E18, 160E22) with internal combustion engine: F4AE3481C (140 hp), F4AE3481D (160 hp), F4AE3481A (182 hp), F4AE3481B (177 hp), F4AE3681B (217 hp), F4AE3681B (218 hp)

Pressure disc (cover) is designed for installing in trucks of DAF brand: 65, 65 CF, LF 45, LF 55 with internal combustion engines: BE99C, BE110C, BE123C, CE136C, CE162C, FR103 S1, FR118 S1, FR136 S1, FR152, NS133L, NS133M, NS156L, NS156M, NS177M, NS133M, NS156M 212, NS177M.