TA 205-1601090-0
TA 205-1601090-1
TA 205-1601090-2
TA 205-1601090-2

TA 205-1601090

Цена: 11 220,00 RUB

Pressure disc (cover) for IVECO, Neoplan (buses)

Analog number 3482083118
diameter 16.92913 in
Weight 74.95716 lb
Parameter MFZ 430
Type of cover Petal
Applicability for IVECO, Neoplan (buses)

Clutch driven disc with a primary torque vibration damper that reduces vibrations in the engine and transmission of the vehicle during its operation for vehicles of the following brands: MAN F90, F2000, TGA, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Renault