TA 187-8080031-0
TA 187-8080031-1
TA 187-8080031-2
TA 187-8080031-2

TA 187-8080031

Цена: 5 085,00 RUB

For MAN, Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Analog number 1878 080 031 (Sachs)
Outer diameter 16.92913 in
Parameter 430 WGTZ
Spline dimensions 1 ¾”-10N
Hub height 1.96850 in
Number of splines (teeth) 10
Number of springs 2х6
Weight 19.84160 lb

Clutch driven disc with a primary torque vibration damper that reduces vibrations in the engine and transmission of the vehicle during its operation for MAN models: LIONs STAR, NL, NB, SB, TGM, UL with transmission: ZF S6-85/1600/1200, ZF 9S-109
for Mercedes-Benz: MK, NG, O303, O404