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TA 451-1601130-02f-2

TA 451-1601130-02f

Цена: 1 405,00 RUB

Reinforced clutch disc for UAZ vehicles.

Outer diameter 10.0 in
Spline dimensions 1.12204*1.37795*0.20259 in
Hub height 1.25984 in
Weight 4.85016 lb 
Units of product in a box 1

Reinforced clutch disc for UAZ-469, UAZ-451, UAZ-31512, UAZ-31514, UAZ-31519, UAZ-2206, UAZ-3909, UAZ-3962, UAZ-3303 vehicles. When developing the TA 451-1601130-02f clutch disc, the widespread use of UAZ vehicles in off-road conditions in forestry and agriculture was considered. It is made with a woven friction lining, which provides a longer service life, increases the reliability and smoothness of the vehicle's clutch activation. The heat-treated steel damper spring plates located between the linings in the disc design protect the transmission and engine from excessive overloads during abrupt changes in the driving mode.