TA 71-1601130-0
TA 71-1601130-1
TA 71-1601130-2
TA 71-1601130-2

TA 71-1601130

Цена: 1 872,00 RUB

For GAZ 71 trucks, ZMZ_66 engine

Outer diameter 13.38582 in
Spline dimensions 1.14173*1.37795*0.17322 in
Number of splines (teeth) 10
Hub height 1.53543 in
Weight 9.47987 lb

GAZ 71 vehicles. It is used in the clutch bearing cover of ZMZ-66 engine mounted on a tracked marsh buggy. The damper's closed design prevents the springs from falling out and damaging the clutch drive disc in case of a break. The use of reinforced damper springs provides a large safety margin during overloads.