TA 181-1601130-80-0
TA 181-1601130-80-1

TA 181-1601130-80

Цена: 6 520,00 RUB

Disc for T150 tractor with D-260.4 engine

Outer diameter 16.92913 in
Spline dimensions 1.82283*2.03937*0.07874 in
Number of splines (teeth) 24 (involute tooth)
Hub height 2.20472 in
Weight 20.39275 lb

The disc is used in T-150 tractors powered by a D-260.4 engine (Minsk Motor Plant) and equipped with a single-disc clutch with a primary shaft of 172.21.034. The driven disk is equipped with a reinforced damper that is spring-loaded with friction (asbestos-free) lining fastening, ensuring a smooth start of the vehicle movement. The inclusion of a Belleville spring in the disc design protects both the engine and the transmission from excessive overloads caused by abrupt changes in driving mode. A friction ellipsoid wound lining provides a longer service life compared to molded linings. The closed design of the damper springs protects expensive clutch parts against damage.