TA 70-1601130-0
TA 70-1601130-1
TA 70-1601130-2
TA 70-1601130-2

TA 70-1601130

Цена: 1 869,00 RUB

Disk for MTZ-80, MTZ-82, MTZ-90 tractors

Outer diameter 13.38582 in
Spline dimensions 1.14173 *1.37795 *0.17322 in
Hub height 1.18110 in
Weight 9.03895 lb
Units of product in a box 1

Clutch driven disc for MTZ-80, MTZ-82, MTZ-90 tractors. The fact that the damper disc and the cover over the springs are made as a single part (the damper disc) distinguishes TA 70-1601130. The closed design of the damper springs protects expensive clutch parts against damage.