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TA 362-1601130-1
TA 362-1601130-2
TA 362-1601130-2

TA 362-1601130

Цена: 5 588,00 RUB

Disk for MAZ-4370 "Zubrenok" vehicles (analog 1878079331)

Analog number 1878079331
Outer diameter 14.25196 in
Parameter 362 WGTZ
Spline dimensions 1 ½''-10N
Hub height 1.77165 in
Number of splines (teeth) 10
Weight 12.56634 lb 

Disk with an additional torque vibration damper ensures smooth switching and operation for MAZ-4370 "Zubrenok" vehicles

With internal combustion engine: Deutz BF4M 1013FC, MMZ D-245.7(9)
With transmission: ZF S5-42, СААЗ