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TA 238-1601130-1
TA 238-1601130-2
TA 238-1601130-2

TA 238-1601130

Цена: 3 148,00 RUB

Disc for vehicles with YAMZ-236, YAMZ-238 engines

Outer diameter 15.74803 in
Spline dimensions 1.33858*1.65354*0.23622 in
Hub height 1.57480 in
Weight 14.99143 lb
Units of product in a box 1
The universal clutch driven disc with an asbestos (molded) lining. It is used in trucks with engines: YAMZ-236, YAMZ-238 of any year of manufacture. The disk is designed in such a way that it can be used both in the front and rear positions of discs. It is assembled with metal rivets, not with bolts. The reinforced damper and the closed design of the damper springs ensure reliable operation while protecting costly clutch parts from damage. The reliability of the design was confirmed by numerous tests, as well as laboratory tests at the Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU), as evidenced by the quality certificate for the TA 2381601130 disk, which accounted well for oneself.