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TA 205-1601130-2
TA 205-1601130-2

TA 205-1601130

Цена: 7 636,00 RUB

Disk for SUPER-KAMAZ (KAMAZ 5490-NEO) vehicles

Outer diameter 16.92913 in
Spline dimensions 41.1*50.95*7.9 mm
Hub height 2.51968 in
Weight 20.72345 lb 
Units of product in a box 1

It is used in a single-disc clutch bearing (for a petal cover, MFZ 430) for power units of SUPER-KAMAZ (KAMAZ - 5490 NEO) vehicles with engines: Daimler OM 457LA, 740.31.240, 740.30.260 (KAMAZ 43118, 53605, 65111, 65115, 65117), with transmission ZF-Ecosplit 16S151, ZF 12-AS, as well as for foreign vehicles. The disc is assembled with a reinforced damper, a double damper spring. The vehicle drives away smoothly due to the gradual pressure increase provided by the spring-loaded fastening of the friction lining being in contact with the disc. The inclusion of a Belleville spring in the disc design protects the transmission from excessive overloads caused by abrupt changes in driving mode. The closed design of the damper springs protects expensive clutch parts against damage.