TA 187-8000036-0
TA 187-8000036-1
TA 187-8000036-2
TA 187-8000036-2

TA 187-8000036

Цена: 4 697,00 RUB

For KAVZ-4238, KAMAZ-4308 vehicles

Analog number 1878000036 (Sachs)
Outer diameter 15.55118 in 
Parameter 395 WGTZ
Spline dimensions 1 ½''-10N
Hub height 1.77165 in 
Number of splines (teeth) 10
Number of springs 2х6
Weight 16.53466 lb

The clutch driven disc with a primary torque vibration damper, which reduces vibrations arising in the vehicle's engine and transmission during the operation. For the following vehicle brands: 
KAVZ-4238 with internal combustion engine: Cummins EQB210-20, transmission ZF6S-700,
KAMAZ-4308 with internal combustion engine: Cummins EQB 210-20, FD0702, transmission ZF-6S-700c