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TA 53-1601130-01f-2
TA 53-1601130-01f-2

TA 53-1601130-01f

Цена: 1 646,00 RUB

Disk with molded lining for GAZ-53; 3307; PAZ; KAVZ trucks.

Outer diameter 11.81102 in
Spline dimensions 1.12204*1.37795*0.20259 in
Units of product in a box 1
Hub height 1.25984 in
Weight 5.95248 lb

It is used for vehicles of GAZ-53; 3307; 66; PAZ; KAVZ family. It is a reinforced option of the clutch disk TA 53-1601130 due to the use of additional eight rivets over the hub. It is made with a woven friction lining, that provides a longer service life, increases the reliability and smoothness of the vehicle's clutch activation. Changing the design of the hub and damper improves the disk's stability and reliability during operation. The springs' closed design prevents them from falling out in case of a break, destroying the clutch drive disc.