TA 406-1601130 (TAIGA)-0
TA 406-1601130 (TAIGA)-1

TA 406-1601130 (TAIGA)

Цена: 1 532,00 RUB

The entire family for GAZELLE, NEXT vehicles with internal combustion engine: ZMZ 405-409, UMZ-A274, A275, UMZ 4216 Evotech

Outer diameter 9.44881 in
Spline dimensions 0.90551*1.14173*0.15748 in
Hub height 1.25984 in
Weight 4.18878 lb 

TAIGA is a disk with improved operational properties and additional thermal hardening that make it more reliable and durable.

It is used for vehicles with an engine ZMZ405, 406, 406.10, 4052.10, 4064.10, 4063.10, 4092.10. The springs' closed design prevents them from falling out in case of a break, destroying the clutch drive disc.